Its time to step into YOU…

Have you found what you are looking for?

Is it time to change tracks?

Are you ready to CHOOSE more?

What if I told you..

You are an infinite being & life can be easy!

The possibilities are endless..

Are you ready to go beyond yourself?

What Is Access Consciousness®?

"Empowering People to Know that They Know"

Access Consciousness® is a set of dynamic life changing tools and techniques that allow you to change anything and everything you cannot change and to create everything you desire in a different and easier way.

 These tools are designed to help empower you to live a life without self limitations and to eliminate any barriers you have put up that are stopping you from truly receiving and living a joy filled life. 

You'll be amazed at the magnitude of change that occurs is a short period of time. 

Currently being utilized in over 170 countries worldwide, designed for us to access our own knowing and our own true potential.

What are Access Bars® & Body Processes?

My favourite tool in Access Consciousness®, The Bars® consisting of 32 points on the head, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn't allow you to receive.

These points contain all the thoughts, beliefs, ideas, emotions and considerations that you have stored in any lifetime - when these points are activated we will release anywhere from 5-10 thousand years of limitations. This is an opportunity for you to let go of everything!

This simple & relaxing process starts to dissolve anything holding you back and allows you to truly open up & RECIEVE.

Come for a session or take the Access Bars® training and learn to do it for yourself & others.

With over 50 hands-on healing Energetic Body Processes®, we are able to activate energies locked up within the body releasing traumas, abuse, and resistance to create new possibilities for you and your body that allow it to return to its natural state - which is to heal. Body Processes are extremely powerful allowing dramatic results allowing  ease and healing. 


Access Bars and Body Processes

1 - Hour Session:  $110 

Find Your Greatness Package

3 - 1 Hour Sessions:  $315

Reveal Your Greatness Package

5 - 1 Hour Sessions: $495