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Hey you!

My name is Amy, I'm a born and raised Saskatonian and married to my high school crush.

As someone who has always been the strong independent adventure seeker, I began my working career by landing in England at the age of 19. There I took 3 months of training before working as an esthetician on cruise ships for two years. Working in the spa was my first stepping stone of starting to treat others through detox and other healing channels.

After a few months of backpacking through Asia and Australia, I settled back home and landed a job in the trades (something I always wanted to do). For the last nearly four years I have been a heavy equipment operator, with each day bringing new challenges which always keeps my days interesting.

After a few years of being on an up and down rollercoaster, I hit my rock bottom in May of 2017 and was completely burnt out and my life felt unfulfilled. Even when it appeared like I had it all together, on the inside I felt lifeless. Every morning I would put on my happy face to make it appear that everything was okay until I got back home. After feeling depleted for so long, I decided it was time to pick up the pieces and tap into being myself again. It was time to do the soul searching I’ve always yearned to do, or started and never quite reached where I knew I was capable of. It was time for clarity.

I have always had a strong voice inside telling me, “you have so much to give this world, just do it.” I knew I had a special gift to help others, I just wasn’t sure how to find it and to what capacity. Then I decided to do something completely different & new to me..... Access Consciousness®. I started a whole new adventure of self discovery. This led to a complete 360 in my life and I started to feel the lightness I’ve always craved. I began to see and feel what I was capable of. I finally found me. The flame inside me was lit and is now burning bright. 

I can finally share my light with others, and what a breath of fresh air it has been.

What can i contribute to you today?


There is enough light for each and everyone of us, may we continue to RISE UP.
— Amy McLeod